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Basic information 

The Town of Hranice has long-term problems with unemployment. Though in term of micro-region Hranice belongs to the better average, in the whole republic position, the situation is not so optimistic. Certain danger for future trend of unemployment forms concentration of huge number of vacancies in one company.
Small and middle companies, which are main creators of working stations, would be more suitable, mainly in the case of their positive economic development. Compared to big companies they have trend to demand labour production more than capital one. Presence of small-specialized companies makes also the area more attractive for investors, who must have high-quality sub supplier for their production.
Tourist trade is area in which the number of small and middle companies is rising rapidly now. This business sector is creating large number of working opportunities because of changes in the way of spending leisure time.
Main aim in making the politics of unemployment more effective and in supporting of image of the town as a suitable place for economic activity is to improve conditions for development of small and middle companies, which means preparing of zone and other areas which are suitable for business development. Sector of tourist trade will also become very important, it will be greater source of income and it will create more vacancies for inhabitants of Hranice.


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