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The town of Hranice lies in the Moravian Gate Valley mainly o­n the right bank of the river Bečva, about 260 m above sea level. This part of Moravian Gate, which Hranice lies in, is called „Bečevská brána" (Bečva Gate). It is wedged between Odra hills and Podbeskydy hills (Maleník). Bečva Gate is a flat, hilly country with the elevation from 205 m to 366 m above sea level. Hranice belongs to the towns with a very interesting environment. The town was founded in the raised field country between the streams Ludina and Velička. This is also the fact, why the town dominates in all surroundings. Hranice is an important communicative point of junction. There is a main network of motorways and railways going from Přerov to Ostrava with an important branchline to Valašské Meziříčí, Beskydy, Vsetín and to Slovakia. The neighbourhood of Teplice nad Bečvou Spa is very important for public position of the town.

Other interesting informations


Hranice covers an area of more than 52 km2, including area of integrated villages.


According to the statistic data from 31.12. 2007, 19 415 inhabitants live in Hranice.

Individual parts of the town had these numbers of inhabitants


   1991 2001 
Hranice I town              16 967 17 125
 Hranice II Lhotka            76  77
 Hranice III Velká             431  469
 Hranice IV Drahotuše      1 473  1 408
 Hranice V Rybáře            48  47
 Hranice VI Valšovice        143  166
 Hranice VII Slavíč            245  262
 Hranice VIII Středolesí     56  48
 Hranice IX Uhřínov           68  68
CELKEM Hranice           19 507  19 670


Natural conditions:

There are mead deposits of Tertiary origin along the river Bečva which are changing to the terraces formed by the gravel-like sands. South-eastern part of this area is formed by Paleozoical Devonian limestones. The area of wood-massif Maleník is formed by Paleozoical slates and partly by conglomerates.
Both banks of the river Bečva lie in the karst area called Karst of Hranice. Tectonic disturbances, atmospheric percipitation and thermal waters satured with carbon dioxide caused forming of this karst. Karst of Hranice has two remarkable natural works. Zbrašov Aragonite Caves, which were formed by so-called Teplice Karsting and Abyss of Hranice which was formed by falling down of the whole system of caves. The Abbys of Hranice is the deepest abbys in the Czech Republic. The definite depth is still a riddle. Its opened mouth goes down through the sheer limestone walls into the depth of -69.5 m to the greenish lake. In 1994 the remote controlled robot verified the depth of the flooded areas of next -205m. The Abbys of Hranice could reach (with regard to the power of its limestones) the depth of more than -800m.
Geological characteristic resulted in the fact, that as a raw-material base there are important deposits of high-quality limestones here. Nature reservation Hůrka, Velká Kobylanka, Malá Kobylanka, Nad Kostelíčkem can be found in the south part of the town.



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